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What is involved in a car logbook service?

car mechanic are checking the engine and record

A logbook service is a scheduled service performed by an auto mechanic that is specific to the make and model of your vehicle. This service includes a thorough examination of your vehicle’s critical systems as well as some maintenance tasks to ensure optimal car maintenance.

It is important to know that a logbook service is not the same as a standard ‘minor’ or ‘major’ service. A logbook service is tailored to your specific vehicle’s specifications, as recommended by the manufacturer. This means that, while the tasks performed during a logbook service may be similar to those performed during a standard mechanical service, their frequency and order of completion will differ.

A logbook service usually includes the following tasks:

Tyre checks and rotation

A thorough tyre inspection is a common task performed during a logbook service. The technician will inspect the tread depth and condition of all of your vehicle’s tyres, as well as any tyre pressure or pressure imbalance issues. They may also rotate your tyres, which helps to ensure even wear on all four tyres.

Fluid level checks

Another important aspect of a logbook service is checking fluid levels and connections throughout your vehicle. This typically includes engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and washer fluid. The car mechanic will also check for leaks in these areas and top up the fluids.

Air filter replacement

Another important part of a logbook service is changing or cleaning various filters in your car. This includes the air filter, fuel filter and oil filter. Over time, these filters can get clogged with dirt and debris, which can reduce your car’s performance and fuel efficiency. By changing or cleaning these filters, you can help keep your car running its best.

Light bulb checks

Many logbook services also include a light bulb check, to ensure that all of your vehicle’s lights are in working order. This typically includes things like headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals. If any bulbs need to be replaced, the mechanic will take care of it during the service.

Brake inspection

A thorough brake inspection is also an important part of a logbook service. During this inspection, the auto mechanic will check your brake pads and rotors for wear, as well as make sure that your parking brake is working properly. If any parts need to be replaced, the mechanic will let you know during the inspection.

Car battery check

The car battery is an essential part of your car and it’s important to make sure that it’s in good working order. During a logbook service, the mechanic will check the battery to see your vehicle needs a car battery replacement.

Spark plugs

Your cars spark plugs will also be likely checked during a logbook service. Spark plugs are an important part of the engine, and they’re responsible for igniting the fuel within your car. If they aren’t working properly, your car may not run as efficiently or as smoothly.

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